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this u.s. serviceman was killed in aeople firefight with afghan army allies. 2000th american in the 11-year-old war. >> tomorrow could be a rough for drivers in d.c.. is because members of city plant to shut k street in the morning. they mark the one-year .nniversary of the movement they stayed in mcpherson square for nearly five until the enforced a ban on overnight camping. >> it has been a cloudy night with a few showers. when willout there -- the rain go away? stick around. we will be in the belfort furniture weather center with a first check. the first showers -- we have been watching them in the belfort furniture weather center. movedf the showers have out of the area. at clear skies. temperatures have fallen. gaithersburg. 57 in fredericksburg. this is what it looks like early in the afternoon and evening. showers from the north -- and moves up toward the east. skies begin to clear across west virginia into western maryland. clear skies will be with us from early tomorrow morning, along with a bit of patchy fog. temperatures jump into the 50's afternoon, around 70 degrees or so.
that killed a u.s. ambassador, and a congressional hearing has led to a new showdown over security of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. he was criticized for speaking about security earlier this year. a top state officials said he declined to approve more security but also said they had the correct number of assets at the time of the attack. you might remember the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed on september 11. the obama administration now calls these attacks terrorism and the white house says it is the result of an anti-islam video producer in the united states. >> tonight, one person finds herself in hot water. the seductive voice on the other end of that line. >> we are going to win. >> yes. absolutely. >> and you can hear what president obama tells diane >> we are less than 24 hours away from a debate. vice president joe biden and vice-presidential nominee paul ryan are getting ready to square off. >> here is what president obama said to diane sawyer. >> we look forward. it makes you that much more determined. >> the president also accused the romney campaign
debate. >> it is gorgeous to be out here. between the white house and u.s. capitol, freedom plaza. renowned. there are skateboarders, tourists, and policy come of the finalhe eve before -- between obama and mitt romney. >> the debates are supposed to be for the undecided. >> it is the ideal location to political turning expectations, and disappointment. put this country in a very position. >> the man who voted early is .ed up >> its crust to turn our stomach things theyut the are saying. amy teaches middle school social studies in missouri. >> i am asking them to think what each candidate brings as ad what we value country. gregory, a d.c. resident. debate topicay's an intriguing one. that are like unfathomable. happen.t supposed to u.s. ambassadors are not supposed to be murdered. >> who will better manage the challenges? china, iran, and beyond? romney area and mr. preparing for the debate, night in a swing state, florida. a whopping 29 electoral votes. >> we want to remind everyone you can see the debate tomorrow at 9:00 right here on abc 7. .ne more note there is a small group
you very much. breaking news on the deadly attack that killed a u.s. ambassador. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in libya. an attack killed the ambassador, christopher stevens, and three other americans. the obama administration has faced criticism over security levels there but clinton says security is her job. and not that of the white house. >> let's go to the race for the white house. both candidates are gearing up for debate. but this time tomorrow night president obama and his challenger mitt romney will have just finished up their second face off. all eyes will be on the president after his performance in the fence -- first the date was panned by critics. =-- first debate was panned by critics. >> the pundits say president obama need to present a more convincing argument while mitt romney benefits from continuing his credible alternative. as we found out today, the nation remains divided. the things that ad value to our daily experience the first big push on his swing, the end of a good book, sat beside presidenti
. at the venezuelan restaurant laca in falls church many customers from venezuela say the reason they're in the u.s. is chavez who they believe is destroying their country. >> very bad. my aunt has been -- >> it's not safe there. no jobs. >> beatrice and francisco camacho moved to the u.s. 17 years ago and they originally planned to move back. >> chavez in power, no no way. >> we can tell with our eyes what's happened. and what we saw we didn't like it. >> the comachos say relatives got on a black list and couldn't find jobs. lilia's mother lost her oil job. >> he fired her. >> and elena says she couldn't get a public school teaching job. all because of chavez. still, chavez has his supporters. >> and back out here live, venezuela, those supporters were enough to give him the election but these folks you see here they don't trust the results and say it was rigged and right now they're actually listening to a speech by shen reek caprice who challenged -- henrique caprice who was the challenger but the official word is chavez held ton win. these folks do not
crowd. both sides came to support u.s.dates for president, senate, and congress. they say the stakes are high, especially for president. is the mostt important election of our lifetime. >> i think it is pretty close. did it have any effect on you? i would rather have politics decide. >> both sides dug there is a percentage who are undecided. is why they mixed politics with poltergeist. this is a big event in a small folks tell me they n more remember a year whe side of the political things showed up. they all seem to have a great time. we're live in vienna. >> a beautiful night for it. the state's board of elections caused aigating what missing page in some absentee ballots not allowing voters to on gambling and same-sex referendum. martin o'malley confirmed that than 20 absentee voters in prince george's county and county are missing that second page. tom cruise is filing a $50 million defamation suit against magazine publisher. this comes after articles said the actor abandoned his six- year-old daughter. theesponse tonight from publishing company. we turn our attention to the weat
are allowing passengers to reschedule for free if they intend to fly to affected areas. jetblue, u.s. airways are offering this to customers. anyone passing to the storm's path should check their flight status. what do you think of the chances that we will have that happen? >> i think there is a 50-50 chance around the major travel disruption monday and into tuesday. through much of our area and through a good part of the northeast. >> this is the storms that they could not have forecast because of the unusual nature. a tropical storm a hurricane becoming this hybrid monster northeast storm and coming directly ashore from the ocean. a very very interesting story. >> a beautiful beautiful sunset. we had sunni temperatures throughout the campaign. our temperatures outside. that -- the temperatures are still in the 60's. there are 10 watches along the coast. there you can see the plume of moisture coming up the coast from the hurricane which might become a tropical storm. it could get weaker because of the upper left lint. there is so much ocean moisture that all of this essentially comes up the
could be among the costliest storms in u.s. history. get to some of the problems sande is causing around area, particularly at ocean city. the boardwalk suffered extensive .amage let's check in now, the very latest. butt is still very windy, be as seem to frequent. seem to be as strong. for the first time in about 12 hours, i am not soaking wet. i want to show you some video of the things that went on today. waves were the big issue. you can see the big waves that were crashing out. problem asere a well. over the sea wall at boardwalk and were crashing in the businesses. you can see that basically, all city belown floodednth street was the block behind the boardwalk all the way over to the bay. they had a mandatory very serious storm. it does seem to be lessening and that is the very good news. i think you can probably see as back, a couple of young n that want to be on tv. the waves are really starting to settle down. the wind is coming from a different direction and the is starting to settle down. this storm is, by no means, over. things are beginning to settle down and from the sounds
to county. korff, abc 7 news. >> several new revelations on killeddly attack that u.s. ambassador. despite comments made by the obama administration to that effect, new documents suggest an disagreement over security for the attack. for americans were killed on the 11th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. >> if your an online shopper, we t for you.er >> gambling supporters and go to battle over whether maryland should have a casino at the national harbor. a combined $39.4 million has spent, more than the combined total spent by governor martin o'malley back in 2006. but there are several new twist the race for president to tell you about tonight. obama met with supporterst ohio state university and subject thate remains at the top of the headlines. >> for all you moms and kids out there, don't worry, somebody is finally doing something about big bird. the new that he was driving our deficit. -- who knew that he was driving our deficit? a new obama campaign at mitt romney campaign week.ent last we have one out of six in poverty, 47 on food stamps, and the s timeent is spending hi savin
about hurricane sandy. the death toll has climbed to 21. powerful storm is moving closer to the u.s. and the washington, d.c., metro area. bob has the latest from our hurricane center. >> winds are still 90 miles per hour. across see it moving cuba. the circulation extends of miles to the east, could be positive thrust. here is the latest. asremains off the coast, but move off the north coast, remember, this is a 70% chance of where the will be, but it is looking likely it will be coming monday into tuesday. problem forbe any the marine corps marathon. increasing reins as we get into rainning, and tuesday, and flooding. it may be to our north, especially with inland flooding early next week. it looks like a major storm. >> we have video from florida. this video from miami. pictures like this have alert,ds on high reminiscent of a hurricane's .ears ago live from alexandria. >> no one can forget the dark days. of people are worried about potential power outages that are threatening a powerful punch. are getting ready to dust off sandbags. hurricane sandy is toppling down powering thou
instead of presidential ones because they had a lot of firepower. >> thank you. thousands of u.s. home gave us your instant feedback on the candidates. using your smartphone. we got a lot of reaction. many agreed. biden said that the world is behind the united states could and many disagree that ryan said that with president obama we get speeches and we don't get the leadership. the big win by the nationals was not the only victory at the ballpark denied. >> another dc council member is accused of wrongdoing. but in jim gramm is defending himself. you will hear from him coming right up. >> tomorrow night, late, there could be a freeze. [ femalele announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a famimily can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raraised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cocost of nursing home care. we hava president who won't let t
as a parade of law enforcement from d.c., maryland and the u.s. park police all chased a man in a stolen car. residents poured out of their homes, some complain that the chase put them in harm's way. >> i mean, what is going on? >> i don't think they're going to catch him. >> leave this guy alone. you guys are dangerous. not the guy. >> there he is. there he is. [sirens blaring] >> now police caught up with the suspect shortly after he hit a pizza delivery driver's vehicle. the suspect was not seriously hurt when he went into custody. >> we're hearing from colleagues and friends from the police officer who was killed in a deadly accident. oscar -- adria. we don't know how fast officer bowden was going when he was headed to work yesterday. it was clear that he was speeding. this makes his loss even harder for those who advocate obeying the law. >> those who knew 28-year-old kevin bowden best describe him as a voice of reason. >> he would look at you and said everything would be all right. >> the detectives worked with him. sergeant corn
of the storming of the u.s. embassy in iran in 1979. 52 americans were taken hostage and held more than a year. six others escaped to the home of the canadian ambassador. ben affleck plays a cia operative who dreams of a plan to get the six out posing as a film crew. this actually happened. the cia said of the hollywood production company said their man to take the six tom. it is a four star oscar contender. it is the best bet for the weekend. have a great weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> space shuttle endeavor has wrapped up the first date of its tracks through los angeles. it only has a 12-mile trip, but it is only moving at about 2 miles per hour. it has been retired from service. it goes on display at the end of the month. we had our version of the same sort of trip here. they have had to take down power lines and trees and light poles. >> i would imagine some of those characters out in l.a. -- outside today, you had a little bit of a chill. sparkling blue sky it really is fall. our temperature in washington has only dropped to the 50's. i do not think there
from central america where the u.s. geological survey said a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit costa rica outside the town of liberia. there are no reports of immediate damage. the men running for president are back on the campaign trail just 14 days before election day. both campaigns traveled back to key battleground states. less than 24 hours after their third and final debate. >> what you're seeing from the obama campaign is an incredibly shrinking campaign. the president's out of ideas. he's out of excuses and in november, you'll make sure he's out of office. >> mitt romney and running mate paul ryan spoke about an hour ago at a rally in denver. earlier in the day romney was in henderson nevada, who said he would help small business owners. the president took aim at romney in the biggest battleground state of them all. >> if you say you won't give a big tax cut to the wealthy but you're on a video promising your tax cut would include the top 1%, that sounds like a classic case of romnesia. >> president obama con
consider the recent attacks overseas including the bombing that includes u.s. ambassador. abc 7 is with complete coverage. scott david is live to break down the issues. >> of all the debates, there was perhaps the president's will house. governor romney was effective in trying to play down characteristickizations that he would be a war hog. perhaps a bit passive at times. but still plenty of barbs between these two. there were no finger pointing this time. but the tension and distaste for each other took only minutes to surface. >> i have to tell you that, your strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map. >> my strategy is pretty straightforward. >> the president aiming far win was aggressive, pushing romney for more clarity on plans for a stable afghanistan and iraq. mitt romney insided national security depends on a good economy. >> for us to promote those principles of peace requires us to be strong. >> perhaps the only agreement of the night iran cannot obtain nuclear weapon. but how? >> during the course of this campaign, he's often talked as we should
satellite center with every development. old entered the u.s. a student visa to major in ciba security. according to undercover agents he came tracking him, cellto create a terrorist raised tea hot. -- jihad. this man focuses attention on destruction. undercover agents determined he and killed aacked ranking government official. he wanted to blow up the new stock exchange, but the security is tight. attack would result casualties.umber of how wednesday morning thinking hotel room detonating a bomb in a van. was in danger. the explosives were in there to. >> it is a coveted target by terrorists. i think this reaffirms that. it is believed he has connections to al qaeda. held.is being at the federal reserve in washington, security is tighter than usual. >> is striking he had an attempt to do that. i am glad our government and security was able to track that get them. according to records, he hopes this attack would postpone the presidential election. we may learn that law enforcement, social media, facebook, played a critical role investigation. >> we are also getting more from southeast
. >> many are member and former u.s. senator arlen specter who died this morning at his home in philadelphia from complications of a non hodgkin's lymphoma. his career spanned decades. for most 30 years in the senate he was a republican, but he supported president obama stimulus bill in 2009 lost the support of his party. that is when he became a democrat. >> i admired that he never gave up and fought to find the center ground. >> he always said what he wanted. he was a great politician. >> president obama issued a statement praising him as a man whose personal battle against cancer inspired many others. we have manat -- on arlen specter's light on our website wjla.com including a photo gallery with his life and pictures from our partners at politico. >> with the clock ticking down to tuesday's presidential debate, aides president obama promise he will be more aggressive as he faces mitt romney. polls show romney was the clear winner in the last debate. the president is in williamsburg virginia, and romney is in massachusetts. be sure to stay with abc 7 complete coverage of the second presid
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